Compared to previous generations, the new “X3 Edge” series of CPU coolers received several substantial improvements: from the all new DIY grade tempered glass reservoir to the inclusion of Swiftech’s brand new flagship Apogee SKF waterblock Swiftech is proud to relaunch its Edge DIY cooling kit. As in previous Swiftech® offerings, this product line remains entirely focused on low to inaudible operating noise with extreme thermal performance.

  • A fully redesigned patent-pending radiator/reservoir/pump combo featuring a large clear acrylic reservoir of tubular shape, and showing the inner workings of the system’s powerful pump. The radiator comes in 3 sizes, dual 120mm, dual 140mm, and triple 120mm. The large coolant reserve prolongs operations without maintenance well beyond the 3 year product warranty.
  • The use of maintenance free Mayhem ultra-clear tubing, providing the overall custom looks and feel of the product.
  • The use of addressable RGB LED’s (ALED) lighting throughout the system: on the waterblock, reservoir, and radiator accent piece; addressable LED’s are the latest and greatest in the world of LED lighting, providing control over each individual LED for unparalleled possibilities in terms of lighting effects.


The Drive X2 “Prestige” version of the kits includes all of the above, but features even more advanced product updates, focusing on truly extraordinary performance at low noise, as well as top shelf hardware. The Prestige line includes the world-renowned Noiseblocker eLoop fans, that take these kits a step ahead of anything the company tested in terms of thermal performance in near-silent silent operations, and uses Lok-Seal black chrome compression/rotary fittings throughout the kits for this final touch of luxury feel that characterizes all true custom systems.

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